Tangio: Tangible Branding for a connected world. Tangio lets your business make most of the fast- changing business environment. Increasingly more businesses are leveraging the possibilities of integrated communication. The possibilities are immense A trader in Shimla can negotiate with suppliers in Shanghai and supply end products to Dubai, all without stepping out of his office!
Advantage Tangio
Communication makes good business sense!
  • As we move towards a world more connected than ever, the constraints of logistics that we have learnt to negotiate so laboriously have all but vanished!
  • Today a trader sitting in Shimla can easily collaborate with a supplier from Shanghai to and supply to a corporation in Dubai.
  • Is it dynamic websites, Youtube video ads, or the good old print advertising? Or is it integration of them all?
  • At Tangio we understand the possibilities of this changing reality and can help your business to take its advantage.